Cult of Ecstasy


Many see the Cultists as little more than wanton hedonists, but the truth is more sophisticated. While it is true that many of them employ sex, drugs, music and dance in their magic, their true goal is indicated in their name: Ecstasy comes from the Latin ex stasis which actually means ‘out of stasis’. The Ecstatics seek to transcend the illusions of reality and see the world without boundaries where their consciousness spans all space and time. This is known as the Eternal Moment. Sometimes also referred to as touching Lakashim, the heartbeat of the world.

Other tools employed by them can be equally potent – ritualized self-mutilation, fasting and extreme physical activities are less used, but equally a part of the cult.

On September 18, 2008 the amalgam’s first mission as a full team – Brent, Mackenzie, Amanda, Cassidy and Cadence go to deal with a group of Ecstatic mages who run raves in a warehouse in Downsview. They come up with an awesome plan that involves altering the deviant smoke to put everyone to sleep. Unfortunately something goes wrong and several of the amalgam members start having visions of things that aren’t there. Many Ecstatics remain on their feet and a fight breaks out between the Technocrats and the deviants. Candida emerges from the back room at the last minute. Everyone turns on her, so she bails. The Ecstatics and Technocrats call an uneasy truce and everybody simply walks away from the fight.

Cult of Ecstasy

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