Tristao Ferreira Soseki


Tristao was a Brazilian man of Portuguese and Japanese decent. He stood at 5’10" with black hair and dark brown eyes. He was committed to maintaining his heath through years of training in Capoeira Regional and Angola.

He takes great care with his appearance, ensuring he’s immaculately groomed, and up to date with the latest fashions, although at work he spends most of his time in the regulation lab uniforms.


Tristao Apolo Ferreira Soseki was born to a middle class family in Rio de Janeiro, where he spent most of his early life. He showed an exceptional interest in science at a young age, and that interest grew in time into a talent for turning ideas into reality. He was recruited into the Technocratic Union just as he was entering University, and the Void Engineers were right there to welcome him into the fold when he became Enlightened. He soon showed a talent for Dimensional Science, which led to a stint in the Border Corps Division. Though he found the work of studying deep space exhilarating, he ultimately decided to transfer to the Research & Execution methodology as it allowed him to remain close to Lianora, the woman who would become his wife. Tristao followed his wife to the Construct in Feira de Santana, where she pursued her research with the Earth Frontier Division. There they welcomed their first child, Thiago.

Three years after relocating to Feira de Santana, Lianora and the rest of the research team were abducted by a nest of Ananasi. While Tristao managed to rescue the team with the help of two members of the Toronto Construct, Cadence Richmond and Brent Walker. Lianora later revealed that she had been marked or tattooed with a sigil representing the Nephandus cult, the Guardians of the Divided Master. That evening an un-named Nephandus attended the Soseki household to claim Lianora. Although unsuccessful, he was able to interact with Thiago, and left him with an onyx pendant.

Tristao and his family was subsequently relocated to the more secure Toronto Construct, where he joined Brent and his amalgam’s efforts to uncover the plans of the cult.

Tristao Ferreira Soseki

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