Mackenzie Kane


Mackenzie was a woman with dark complexion and long, curly dark hair. Mackenzie was 5’9" with an athletic build. She carried herself with a casual confidence.

She featured an unusual sense of fashion, often inappropriate for social situations. For example, Mackenzie might wear a Hawaiian shirt for a day at the office rather than a black tie suit.


Mackenzie Kane was a Woman in Black with the New World Order department of the Technocracy. Unenlightened. Kane had been a member of the Union for several years. Her previous work as a member of the Toronto Emergency Task Force (ETF) made her a skilled sharpshooter with an almost preternatural accuracy.

With a skillset that gears her towards wetwork, Kane had worked in and around Toronto to uncover several deviant operations ranging from werewolf packs to vampires. She knew the city and its people. She’s was also well-versed in handling crime scenes and crowd control.

Mackenzie Kane was born in 1976 in Welland Ontario, home of the largest lockport in the Great Lakes region. Her parents, Sophie Lemar and Daniel Kane Jr. raised their daughter as best they could in a low income home. Sophie worked a local diner in town, and Daniel was a dock work foreman.

Mackenzie always wanted to be a cop. She wanted to help people, specifically the poor. To be honest, she had a bit of a chip on his shoulder regarding the wealthy. What’s the use of all that money if you aren’t going to help people? In 1994 she was finished high school, she left her sweetheart, Katie Rose behind and was accepted to the Police Foundations Program at Centennial College in Scarborough.

In Scarborough, Mackenzie witnessed a harsher lower income world, and saw crime and mistreatment everywhere. Graduating at the top of her class, with special attention paid to her marksmanship, Constable Mackenzie Kane entered the York Region Police Force in 1996. Kane spent two years with the York Region PD, during which time she was awarded three medals for bravery and outstanding achievement in the field. Mackenzie however, was surprised and unhappy with her conduct, and didn’t feel that her inability not to pull the trigger deserved awards. She couldn’t help herself but she couldn’t admit that she wasn’t in control… that every time she was in the shit the world would slow and she would be overcome with this instinct and- bang! Mackenzie never missed. It was like she knew that young man was about to step through the door carrying that .38 special. No matter what was happening, how much gunfire filled the air, Mackenzie Kane’s hand never shook.

In 1998 Mackenzie was headhunted by Metro PD and landed a position in Narcotics. During such time she was instrumental in three successive sting operations over a 24 hour period, signalling the end of the largest Toronto, St. Lawrence drug ring of the 1990s. Continuing to rise with startling alacrity, Mackenzie kept quiet about her talent for surviving at all costs, and ended up discovering a cocaine habit that helped take the edge off.

Mackenzie wanted to stop shooting people. Her talent with a weapon was unquestionable, but she wanted to be promoted to Detective and put on Homicide. She didn’t get her wish. In 2003 Mackenzie Kane was transferred to Toronto Emergency Task Force (ETF) and put into the sharpshooting course.

She was later recruited by the Technocracy’s New World Order. Now – Mackenzie would continue the struggle against werewolves, vampires, and anything else brazen enough to try to go bump in the night.

Mackenzie Kane

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