Brent Walker


Brent is a white man apparently in his early thirties. He stands 6’ tall, with blue-grey eyes, broad shoulders, and short brown hair. He’s always in motion—one need spend very little time with him before seeing him flap his hands or rock, or spin in his office chair.

His sense of style is completely office-appropriate—business proper to business casual to a tee, although he prefers comfortable, flexible clothing all things considered.


Brent is a construct—despite his apparent age, he is 12 years old, having been manufactured by the Union in the year 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has American citizenship.

Since then, he has been stationed on 5 continents, all but South America and Antarctica. Notably, he became enlightened in Uppsala, Sweden in 2000.

Brent specializes in unarmed combat, being only a passable shot but the best unarmed fighter in the amalgam. He is adept in the use of Mind, like most of his convention, but also has abilities in Time and Entropy. He is working on learning Correspondence from Lyons.

In 2004, Brent was in Florence, Italy when he first discovered the Guardians of the Divided Master. His entire amalgam was killed, and from what little Brent has said of it, the experience was nightmare fuel, but he managed to bring down the several Nephandi in that house of torture.

In 2008, the Guardians were discovered again, in Toronto. As Brent was the only local expert on this particular cult, Candida Sperafico recruited Amalgam XI-74 to take them down. They failed, not the least because Candida was a Nephandus herself, leading to the deaths of 135 people. As she fled, Candida told him, “No wonder she wants you. But it doesn’t really matter who gets you, because in the end we’ll all be one.”

He encountered her again at a rave where the amalgam was undercover to take in a cabal of Ecstatics—she took control of his legs and made him walk to her, and he emptied a clip at her. These repeated encounters have focused his investigation on her and the Guardians, following the trail to Brazil, to the subway, and ultimately into the Black Spiral itself with a Void Engineer named Amirah nur binti Saiful. They managed to get out without walking it.

Brent Walker

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